Beautiful Sea Inspired Jewellery in Sterling Silver from Poole in Dorset.
Beautiful Sea Inspired Jewellery in Sterling Silver from Poole in Dorset.
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At Atlantis Jewellery we have put together a collection of sea inspired jewellery.

We are sea loving individuals and spend as much time as possible surfing, windsurfing, sailing, paddle boarding, diving and snorkelling - when we are not working... of course!

After spending many hours looking for gifts for family and friends over the years we could never find the designs with the quality of Sterling Silver that we liked - so we decided to start Atlantis Jewellery.

Why 'Atlantis' Jewellery?

Obviously the sea connection was at the forefront of our minds with the name and the company logo... The lady in our logo is Amphitrite - goddess of the sea, wife of the god of Poseidon.

As a goddess, Amphitrite possesses the natural powers and abilities of an Olympian goddess such as Immortality, Omnipresence, Superhuman strength, Metamorphosis, and Teleportation.
As a sea-goddess, she possesses the ability to breathe underwater - We would love to be able to do that!

Online and In-store!

We have the full collection here online as you are viewing now. If anything is out of stock it shouldn't be too long before its back in again - you can always drop us an email and we can let you know.
We have the full collection available to view and buy in-store at 'AQUA' which is a Surf and Lifestyle Clothing and Accessories Shop in Poole, Dorset.
The address can be found on our Contacts Page.

We hope you love our collection!